Wonder Ann

Wonder Ann

Are you tired of having to tell the doctor what’s wrong with you? Are you getting more and more fearful of who your doctor is really representing? Who knows your body better than you? What results do you want for your health and longer life?

These are all questions that I have asked myself over and over. For many years, I have attempted to be healthy and get healthier in certain areas for my body’s sake. After all, we only have one body for a lifetime. In doing this, I’ve had to look closely at the doctors who were NOT finding solutions to help me feel better. 

None of these doctors ever really heard me. They always attributed my allergies, chronic pain, tinnitus swishing sounds, and hearing loss to aging. I didn’t agree. So, I took charge of my health and stopped relying on doctors.

I asked for answers from other sources and had better results. Have you done the same thing and want to be with other people who think this way about their health? Super. Let’s get started.

I am not a doctor but, I am a seeker of having great health. I am 83 ½ years young and I want you to know we do NOT have to believe the advertising to feel our OLD age. Feel young, think young, you will move and act younger. 

I am the host of the Health and Wellness for The Golden Age talk show, where we talk about multiple ways to stay healthy and I share my research in finding better supplements to sustain our bodies. Listen to my show live every Friday at 9:00 am EST by calling in to the free conference number 717-908-1974 and use the pin 9748890#.

As I searched for supplements, I fell into the video of “Happy” explaining the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Paste. Whoa there. I had only learned that hemp was legal within the last 3-5 years. Now we have differences between an oil and a paste. Really? “Happy” explained the full potential of Hemp Paste simply and easily.

Now is the time for you and I to look at our health differently. What can we do on our own to help our bodies stay “young”? I am replacing most of those supplemental pills I mentioned earlier with Hemp Paste. I also do yoga exercises on a chair which gives me mental clarity and muscle flexibility.

I want to help you reach the best health for you and your pets and to teach you about other healthy methods of living. Let’s work together, shall we?

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